How to Get Into and Why You Should Work in the Finance Industry

Many graduates end up going into banking and receiving competitive salaries, therefore this is a very popular role within the Financial industry. However, this means that certain areas of the finance industry are very competitive and there are a large amount of candidates going for similar roles. Despite the large amount of competition, once you have broken into this industry you will start to see the rewards. If you work hard enough, the financial rewards can be substantial.

Finance is the backbone of any successful business and managers value its maintenance and organisation as a highly important part of their business. Therefore, in tough financial times, this is an industry which is essential and jobs within this industry are still highly valued and key to keeping a business alive.

Some of the roles that are more popular in the finance industry include an accountant, stock broker, compliance manager, business analyst, credit controller and accounting technician. One of the most popular roles in the finance industry is an accountant. The role of an accountant is to protect and generate information about financial records. The must give trusted advice to their clients in order to keep their finances in order and keep them in the right direction.

Any candidate wanting to break into this industry must expect to study and learn a lot, regardless of whether they choose to go to university. For those who do not want to go to university there are lots of professional qualifications that are essential to qualifying for any role. Because there are so many applications within the financial industry, some employers are starting to favour graduates. Having a relevant qualification shows that you are interested and dedicated to working in the industry and will give you a better chance of getting the role you desire.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the Finance industry then you need to think about whether you possess the following skills. Most employees working in this industry will have strong IT skills and a natural sense of commercial awareness. You will need a great deal of motivation and must be able to be independent. Most employers will look for flawless analytical skills as well as strong problem solving skills. Lastly, good communication and presentation skills are important to succeeding in the finance industry.

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